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At Carcam we supply built-in and universal dash cams to both private individuals and business customers. You can think of fleet managers, taxi companies, car rental companies, parcel services and ambulance vehicles. With this type of customer the vehicles can be found relatively often on the road and the vehicles are regularly shared with several people. This makes our dash cams even more interesting for business use. A number of our business customers are:  Pon ‘s Automobielhandel, Stern, Rijksoverheid, BMW Ekris, United Carshops and Elgersma.

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Do you have a question? Please  contact  us for this. We are happy to give you personal advice!

Built-in dash cams

We have a suitable built-in dashcam solution for practically every business passenger car. This consists of a high-quality dashcam that is concealed behind a replacement mirror cover in the color of the interior. You can easily  order these  via our webshop by selecting the correct make and model. You can also completely outsource the installation of the dashcam. We have our professional installation service for this.

Our business customers often require larger numbers. In that case we are happy to make a tailor-made offer. Please do not hesitate to  contact  us.

Business customers with universal dash cams

If you are looking for a business dashcam with the highest image quality, which also contributes to the security of your cars, then our  universal dash cams are  the better choice. We can easily place these dash cams in any vehicle: from Smart to truck. The advantage of the universal dashcam is that it connects to the internet, so that the images are always stored safely and quickly. In addition, this includes security detection, so that you receive a notification when a person walks around the car. These are functions that are extra appreciated by our business customers.

Advantages of dash cams for business use

We hear from our business customers that they are very happy with our dash cams for the following reasons:

     – The dash cams contribute to a very  safe feeling  for both the vehicle owner and the driver of the vehicle, because every situation is clearly recorded.

     – Customers do not have to worry about saving the footage: this can be done  safely and quickly  and is even easy to review.

     – When drivers are aware that the vehicle has a dashcam, the driving is generally calmer:  fewer offenses and accidents .

     – The dash cams and the wiring are neatly and  professionally concealed  by our own installation service, possibly on location.

     – Carcam are  specialists  who are able to advise the right dashcam for every business customer and vehicle.

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